​​The Story of the St. Brigid Cross

 A Traditional Spiritualist Church

Sunday Service

Every Sunday we have a complete spiritual service which includes the following: a spiritual healing for the group that are present and for anyone whose name is put forward from the congregation that requires healing. There is an introduction to the philosophy and science of Spirituality and every week there is a short lesson on the subject to further educate the congregation, so that in a short time they will fully understand what Spiritualism is all about.

You will learn all about the Spirit guides and how they impact your life and about Spiritual mediums and how they work with their spirit guides and also the different types of mediums there are. There will be a demonstration of mediumship, where people in the congregation receive messages from there loved ones or friends who have passed on and now live in the spirit world. After we come to understand these truths of spiritualism we will introduce and teach about all the phenomena associated with spiritualism, for example, things like, intuition, psychometry, spirit photography, hauntings, and what happens when we die.

We hold workshops throughout the year on various subjects to give you a better understanding through the hands on experience. As we have only a certain amount of space available we will have to limit the number of attendees at one time for these workshops,  please keep an eye on our events calendar as there will be opportunities to book your spot when they are announced.

I am delighted to announce that we also offer personal spiritual healing after each Sunday service. This healing comes directly from the SPIRIT GUIDES who use a medium to work through and this type of Spiritual work is considered to be the highest form of mediumship.

There is the opportunity for those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts to join one of our mediumship circles and sit and practice with experienced mediums on a weekly basis. I am looking forward to hearing from interested people and to meeting you at our spiritual centre.

Brigid was born in the year 453 in County Louth Ireland. Her father was a Chieftan and her mother was a maid who worked in her father’s home. Even as a young child it was already apparent that Brigid had a calling, as she showed a special love for the poor. She kept a secret store of clothes and food for them, and on one occasion she gave away a jewel encrusted sword that belonged to her father.

She was a woman of wisdom and common sense and her leadership and organizational skills were widely recognized. She established the first Christian convent and went on to build many more convents and schools throughout Ireland. Brigid became renowned for her hospitality and for the care she gave to sick and the poor.

One day as she was caring for a dying man, she sat on the floor of his small house, and as she counseled him she began playing with the straw that covered the dirt floor and she came up with the design that is known as St. Brigid’s Cross.

Brigid is the patron saint of poets, storytellers and healers. She was also a spiritual medium but it was not called that in those days. She is one of two patron saints of Ireland, and the only native saint (as Patrick who was born elsewhere). Her feast day is celebrated on February 1st, also known as Imbolc, the ceremonial first day of spring, thereby perpetually connecting St. Brigid with the renewal of the earth, the promise of abundance, the hope of new growth and the eternal cycle of new life.