​​​Every Sunday we hold a complete spiritual service which includes a spiritual healing for the group that are present and for anyone whose name is put forward from the congregation that requires healing.

There will be an introduction to the philosophy and science of Spirituality and every week there will be a short lesson on the subject to further educate the congregation, so that in a short time people can fully understand what Spiritualism is all about.

You will learn all about the Spirit guides and how they impact your life, about Spiritual mediums and how they work with their spirit guides and also the different types of mediums there are.

There is a demonstration of mediumship where people in the congregation receive messages from their loved ones or friends who have passed on and now live in the spirit world. After we come to understand these truths of spiritualism we will introduce and teach about all the phenomena associated with spiritualism, for example, things like, intuition, psychometry, spirit photography, hauntings, and what happens when we die.