Kind, amazing group of people. Very welcoming.
Krissy A

I had my first spiritual healing today and it was so the healer had her hands on my shoulders I could literally feel a weight I didn't know was there being lifted, as I took deep breaths in I could feel my heart beats, after a while the beatings stopped and I felt utter and complete peace.
Amy S.

Really great discussions with like minded people!
Jason D.

Very friendly, accepting atmosphere; a place where everyone who is searching for 'the real meaning' is welcome. We especially appreciate the mediums humble acceptance of their gifts from spirit.
Theresa H.

St Brigids is a phenomenal place. I've gone twice now and have thoroughly enjoyed each time. I felt so lost with my physic abilities and Richard stepped right in to explain, tutor and guide me through the steps I needed to take. This journey has been incredible, the people are welcoming and the center feels homey. I will be back again and again, thank you Richard and staff for making my experience memorable...hugs.
Carol T.

The center was charming, humble and most inviting.The vibration calming putting one at ease almost immediately.
Theresa L.

Very easy to meet others and free to share our experiences regarding our journey.
Shirley Z.

Excellent venue for the spiritual seeker!
Lesley P.

I'm finding it to be the kind of place I have been looking for.
Robert F.

I don't know if I can add anything more to my previous thoughts. I am just so happy to have made this connection, and I'm looking forward to many future visits and whatever new connections and personal growth occur as a result of this lovely little group! I'd encourage anyone who is sincerely interested in the spiritual focus of this group to join up and give it a try.


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